We Help Keep Your Vehicle Good as New For Years - Wash and Wax

Maintain its cleanliness! 

Coombs Auto Spa offers an affordable range of packages because our goal is to add to the life of your car and keep your coming back to wash and wax your car more frequently. We work not just for cleaning and scrubbing but also to protect your vehicle from minor scratches and UV rays. Because when it is about your car, we care!

Wash And Wax Services At Coombs Auto Spa

What is stopping you from having your car squeaky clean? If it is time, money, or laziness, we can handle them all. Coombs Auto spa is here to offer the best treatment to your car with convenience and of course cost-effectiveness. Providing ease to our clients is our motto. 
We use the best brand products to wash and wax vehicles because removing dirt is what everyone does. Our team of experts know how to give your car that perfect radiant glow that adds to its value and makes it stand out from the crowd. 


You Don’t Feel Like Home In Your Car Anymore?

Maybe your car is upset with you for not maintaining its appearance!

Drive it to us and let us take your vehicle through a renewing wash and wax process to bring back the charm it has lost in the dirt. 

Returning the feeling of a friend to your car is what we do best.

Our Wash And Wax Process

We know the first and most critical part while washing a car is scrubbing its wheels. They tend to attract a lot of dust due to their constant contact with the tarmac. Working on the wheels is the most time-consuming part of the overall wash and wax process.

Our washing process starts with using a pre-cleaner on stubborn spots to remove the bugs and grimes. The pre-cleaner that we spray on these spots is gentle to wax and works very effectively to remove the mulish stains and dirt. 

We use snow foam to remove any stubborn grimes left in the first step. Snow foam is also effective for whipping loose dirt particles from the car. We focus on taking off as much dirt as possible before the physical contact wash to avoid leaving any twisted marks below the wax finish. 

At this stage, we use foams, sponges, and a good quality shampoo to wipe off all the remaining mud or stains and take your car for decontamination. 

Soon after the decontamination stage, we use a highly absorbent towel to dry the car. This step is done very quickly to avoid dried water stains. 

Our polishing service includes both machine and hand polishing. Depending on the package of your choice, you will receive the best service at affordable prices. Polishing reduces the swirls even more and leaves your car body with a plain and seamless surface.

We bring the shine on your car through fine waxing, which also provides long-term protection from dirt and mud. Not just that, wax also protects your vehicle from scratches, sun’s UV rays and offers it a long-lasting glow.

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