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We know it is not easy to maintain your car along with all the responsibilities of the office and house. Therefore, we provide a hassle-free and quick car wash in Grand Prairie.


Is your upholstery fading, cracking, or peeling?

We know your car is your second home, and that is why toys, wrappers, containers, and pretty much half a dozen things are found on the seats or flooring, or sometimes you might have also spilled a drink or food on the seats. All this is normal, but if you refuse to get the car upholstery cleaning regularly then you might have to face unpleasant odor in the car or even a bug infestation. 

If this is neglected even farther then the car’s seats start to fade, and cracks appear on its surface. Do not wait for that day and get your appointment today! 


Let Us Preserve Your Car’s Resale Value

Cleaning the outside of your vehicle is not enough. Did you know? Your car’s interior faces equal wear and tear as its exterior. People most often focus on the car’s appearance and do not worry about the seats, mats, and carpets that keep requesting a good car upholstery cleaning service. 

Keeping dirty upholstery for very long decreases the value of the vehicle. At Coombs Auto Spa, our goal is to eliminate these threats to the resale value of your vehicle. We proactively advise our clients to get car upholstery cleaning done once every 2 months at least to get a good return on their investment when selling it. 


Let Us Preserve Your Car’s Resale Value

If you need assistance regarding car upholstery cleaning, you can contact us. We have enough expertise to guide you through any problem that you are facing with your car’s seats, mats, or carpets. 

We help because we love your car as much as you do!

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