Make Your Vehicle Shine With Our Car Waxing Services!

Do you love your car? Let us treat it well with our car waxing services and protect it from dirt and harmful sunlight. At Coombs Auto Spa, we know the spotlight your vehicle deserves and offer the best and most satisfactory car waxing services in town. The protective coating keeps your paint outshine the rest and takes away the gloominess. Buying a car is not a big deal; treating it with the proper care is! 


How We Treat Your Exterior With Car Waxing?

We know how delightful it is to see your vehicle getting all the care and attention it deserves! At Coombs Auto Spa, you will see it all, the essence of freshness, from washing your car to making it shine and protecting against the dust. Our car waxing process goes like this: 

At Coombs Auto Spa, we take all the vehicles’ dirt away. The car surface needs to be cleaned, and we do that with the required gentle care. We consider the larger picture and the smaller ones. Your door jambs and handles also get the ultimate attention here.

We do not apply wax on the entire car all at once. Strategies it takes to provide pro car waxing services. We make sections and treat them all in a sequence.

We then apply a minimal amount of wax on the car’s sections and begin the circular motion to cover the area smoothly. A thin layer is perfect for car waxing for the best results. 

At Coombs Auto Spa, we provide the best quality car washing services at the best rates in town.

Once applied, the wax starts drying, and there comes the removing time. We use gentle pressure and keep rubbing the surface in circular motion until the wax is gone and the section starts shining.

We Live For Customers And Cars!

Cars are our passion, and serving the owners with outstanding services is our mission. When you enter Coombs Auto Spa, we assure you that you are in a safe haven for your vehicle. Our car waxing technicians will ensure that your car receives the utmost care. 

Our customers are our source of pride, and we never disappoint them under any circumstances! Are you in a hurry? Need your car waxed urgently? Or looking for a guaranteed car waxing service? We offer it all and ensure its timely delivery! 


Coombs Auto Spa Is The Best Stop For Car Waxing Services

At Coombs Auto Spa, we have the latest equipment and techniques for your best Car’s Waxing service. Be it a sunny day or a dusty one, we keep your vehicles under a covered area, and once we do the job, the protective layer handles the rest. Our circular pad is the softest and never leaves even the slightest scratch or mark on your car’s surface. At Coombs Auto Spa, you will know how a professional car waxing service works. Our softest brushes and gentle care make you feel an immense difference between us and the others. Give our car waxing service a try and experience it yourself. 

We help because we love your car as much as you do!

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